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Running from Source Code

Jul 21, 2011 at 9:04 AM

Hello everyone,

I have downloaded the DotNetNuke Azure Accelerator and after providing the service configuration file with the required values, I uploaded everything to the cloud using the provided batch file. It works like a charm. Since I want to make a few changes in the service definition file, I then downloaded the source code (change set 5662, since I downloaded the same version of the perviously) and created a service package using this code. Keeping the VHD same as before and supplying the service configuration file with the required values, I again uploaded everything to the cloud using the batch file as before. This time, I am unable to browse my service deployment as the application fails to run successfully with a "Requested Url could not be retrieved". Are there any known issues with the source code? Moreover, how can I run my Accelerator application on the development fabric?

Thanks in advance for any help in resolving this issue.

Jul 22, 2011 at 2:03 PM

Hi Awwab,

If you have uploaded a VHD in a previous process,, you should want to re-use that VHD image and SQL Azure database, so the tip is only upload to storage (or create the service directly) from your new service definition file and package that you have rebuilt. I recommend the Azure Storage Explorer Tool ( for copying/pasting/modifying the service configuration files directly on Azure Storage. Also you can see the WADs table to see diagnostics information about the role's initialization processes.

About running the Accelerator on development fabric, of course you need the source code. You have to run it on DEBUG mode (you will see a #IF DEBUG on the SMB role when mounting the drive), because there is a limitation on development fabric when sharing a mounted drive, check this post and its comments