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DNNAzureSMB_6_4 The OS family 3 not supported

Jun 9, 2013 at 12:07 AM
I'm using the free trial account and I tried to deploy the DNNAzureSMB_6_4 package and I got the following error in my log. Seems like the SDK included might not be the most recent version? Anyway to fix this?
  • Verify provisioned resources: Completed
  • Upload certificates to hosted service: Completed
  • Upload service configuration file 'DNNAzureSMB_6_4_RDP.cscfg': Completed
  • Upload service package file 'DNNAzureSMB_6_4_RDP.cspkg': Completed
  • Deploy the package: Error: Operation '462ba19bc05645a0a0dc4a0401b2cfd6' finished with errors: The OS family 3 you are trying to deploy is not supported by the SDK package. The SDK package supported OS families:1,2,99. Please try to deploy to a different operating system. To do this specify a different osFamily and/or osVersion in your .cscfg file.
  • Install DotNetNuke: Cancelled
    Upload failed!
Jun 9, 2013 at 1:39 PM
Hi, seems that I did not update the SMB package to the latest SDK in the 6.4 release. Please, use any of the Single packages instead until the next release (BTW, I would recommend the SingleAndSmall package).