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DotNetNuke Azure Accelerator 6.0

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Released: Aug 3, 2011
Updated: Aug 18, 2011 by davidjrh
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Release Notes

Windows Azure deployments of DotNetNuke Community using virtual hard drive (cloud-drive) image that is created dynamically on the cloud. Enables the creation of new DotNetNuke host instances from on-premise to the cloud using a wizard that guides you on this process, creating the SQL Azure database, uploading the solution engine and associated service configurations. Provides a solution for the migration of local Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Express database schema and content to SQL Azure; including the creation of accounts and logins necessary to enable, set or reset connectivity between the hosted service and SQL azure database.

A full working DotNetNuke Community 6.0.0 package is included (the installation scripts of the optional modules has been fixed in order to work on SQL Azure). To get started, unzip the package and start the DNNAzureWizard.exe. Review the Getting Started section.

New features in this release

  • Includes a modified DNN6 distribution package with the SQL Azure fixes for non-core modules (see the documentation for a review of them)
  • The SMB role will create the VHD dynamically on the first run if the cloud drive does not exists, so there will be no need to upload a huge blob
  • Decreased the upload size from 272Mb to 37Mb (deployments will be faster!!)
  • After the VHD creation, the SMB role will download from the Storage the distribution package and unzip it to the VHD drive
  • You will use the official DNN installation wizard to create and configure the DNN instance on fist run from your browser
  • Changed the upload method in order to work in low bandwidth connections (removed Accelcon.exe utility)
  • Now you can select the service packages that you want to upload from the accelerator wizard
  • You can build your own service packages and put them inside the /packages folder. The wizard will process them for you.

Getting started

The summary of steps for deploying DNN Community on Windows Azure is:

    1. Create a Windows Azure Storage Services instance
    1. Enable SQL Azure providing an username and password for the Administrator account. Enable access for Windows Azure services in the firewall settings.
    1. Start DNNAzureWizard.exe and follow the assistant instructions. Wait for the successful completion of the following automated processes -you should want to edit the "config\DeploymentTasks.xml" file in order to comment/uncomment steps to check that everything is going fine (review the log window!):
      1. DotnetNuke database creation
      2. User and security database configuration
      3. Upload of the selected Service Packages and configuration files (check "packages" folder)
      4. Upload of the modified DotNetNuke 6.0.0 distribution package (32Mb)
    1. Create a Windows Azure Hosted Service instance
    2. Add a new Production Deployment, selecting the package and configuration files from Windows Azure Storage (uploaded by the automation scripts in 3.1.3
    3. Start the service
    1. Home page: and start using the original installation wizard to configure your DNN instance

DNNAzure Single and ExtraSmall

There is also a package for simplified scenarios that should be ideal for the use of promotinal offers of free ExtraSmall instances. In this package, a DNNAzure webrole (the "Instance 0") assumes the work of the SMB server, mounting and sharing the cloud drive.

Enabling Remote Desktop

To enable remote desktop to the instances, you'll need to rebuild the DNNAzureSMB.cspkg in order to include your credentials. Check this guide that describes this process.

Known Issues

  1. The DNN Azure Accelerator (SMB version) can only use one instance for the SMB worker role (you can add web roles as needed), so high availability is not covered yet. A warning message will appear when you d

Reviews for this release

This tool is incredibly useful; it's saved our team a lot of time and hassle trying to deploy DNN to Azure. Keep up the good work!
by Daryl27 on Aug 29, 2011 at 7:06 PM